The Right Disinfectant Keeps Homes and Offices Clean and Safe

Whether you are buying disinfectant cleaners for a medical setting, a regular business or for home use, you'll find that not all cleaners are the same. Some kill certain microorganisms and others simply don't. Some are guaranteed to kill their spores as well and others can even kill your pets and harm your children if not used in the correct manner. With so many concerns, it's a good idea to shop and compare before buying. This is where the Internet can really help.

Not all disinfectants are the same. Where one excels, another may fail. With this in mind, disinfectant shopping should be fairly pointed. Before picking a brand or type, consider the following:

* What type of setting is the disinfectant for? Is it a medical setting where optimum germ killing is an absolute must? Or, is it a home environment where harsh chemicals are not desired? Perhaps an office building where lots of traffic brings in lots of germs, but harsh chemicals are not desired?

* What types of things need to be disinfected? Are most of your surfaces porous or solid? Do you need to make certain particular items are protected during the disinfection process?

* Are there particular germs in mind that need to be destroyed? Has someone in your home been exposed to the flu and you want to kill influenza virus in particular or do you need a good all-purpose disinfectant?

* Delivery type. Are you happy with an aerosol spray, or are you looking for a cleaner that can work on walls, cabinets, floors and even bathroom surfaces with equal results while also cleaning the surface? Do you prefer to mix the cleaning agent yourself or do you want it ready to go when it arrives?

* Would you prefer ingredients that are less harmful to others in the home. Chlorine, for example, can prove quite useful in germ control, but when diluted correctly isn't as dangerous to children and pets as some other disinfecting agents.

As you look for cleaning agents, keep in mind that disinfectants are those meant to kill those organisms that cause disease. Germicides and antiseptics, too, can be quite effective in controlling germs that spread illness. Very strong disinfectants, such as those used in hospitals, are not typically required in most home or office settings. These are meant to kill a whole host of germs that most environments simply are not exposed to.

If effective, yet less toxic disinfectants are required, compare ingredients online and also look at the germs the products profess to kill. Check consumer reports as well to be certain you're getting what you need.

With disinfectants that profess to kill everything from the common cold to flu viruses and beyond, it can be difficult to decide what's the best product to buy. By shopping online and making smart comparisons, you can increase your chances for finding exactly what type of product you need to meet your individual requirements.


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